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We can help you achieve better ways of working

Enterprise communications solutions to help you work smarter – today, tomorrow and in the future.

Better operational agility

Our flexible, resilient, secure and fully converged global communications platform can give your business the operational agility it needs to react rapidly to changing market conditions, and respond to new threats and opportunities.

With a flexible and scalable infrastructure, you can implement new and innovative services quickly and easily, ensuring your employees get the services they need and enjoy a consistent and reliable experience, wherever they are.

Our single supplier and service model will make your communications simpler and more cost-effective to manage and we’ll give you the insight and control necessary to maximising their efficiency.

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Better connected employees

Your employees will be more engaged, satisfied and productive thanks to our innovative solutions and flexible working practices that will let them work how, when and where they choose. They’ll be able to communicate and collaborate securely and reliably using fixed and mobile connectivity, cloud-based platforms, and advanced collaboration tools. And that means your business can make decisions more quickly and act faster.

Our range of usage, device and management solutions will give you real insight into how your employees are consuming data, help you control costs, and ensure your data is kept secure at all times, inside or outside your corporate firewall.

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Better customer engagement

The best way to attract and retain profitable customers is by continuously improving the way you interact with them. By combining your understanding of your customers with our expertise in mobile and machine-to-machine technology, we can create new products, innovative business models and original routes to market that will differentiate your brand.

We can ensure the availability, performance and security of all your communications channels and enable you to offer your customers a consistent and seamless experience. We can also help you keep control of your costs and reduce the burden of complying with regulations governing customer interactions.

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Our Code of Conduct

Reporting concerns

All employees and contractors have a duty to report any breaches of our Code of Conduct, which is known as our "Speak Up" policy. We have launched a global external reporting scheme which allows employees and contractors to report through a third party. This new process enables us to consolidate existing whistle blowing practice in local markets, increases visibility and ensures consistency of approach in responding to concerns raised from across the organisation. Concerns may be reported anonymously and the protection of innocent people is our priority at all times. People can identify themselves to our external partner using a PIN and receive feedback. Vodafone has a non-retaliation policy and will not take any action against anyone reporting a genuine concern, even if this is proven not to result in a breach of compliance.

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The Vodafone Code of Conduct

Vodafone "Speak Up" policy