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Complete Global device management for Enterprise

Mobile devices deliver many business benefits, but there is a downside: lack of control, possible breaches of security or compliance, and an increasingly complex management task for your IT department.

So it's no surprise that 90% of IT Security Managers want to manage mobile devices in the same way that they manage desktops.

With our Vodafone Device Management solution, you can resolve your issues quickly, decisively and globally.

You can:

  • Remotely manage all mobile devices over the air
  • Audit, track, and update each and every one of them
  • Lock stolen or lost devices, encrypt data, secure them with passwords, and comply with corporate policies
  • Achieve secure, scalable and reliable application management across your operating systems

You get total and global control.

We can help you meet the global challenge. Watch the video and find out how.

To find out more about the benefits, how it works and the technical requirements visit the Device Manager solutions page.


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